A Japanese lives in America.

Are Japanese look so young?

Oh boy!

In Japan, there was any high school teacher to tell us the phrase “Oh boy!”.

I heard this phrase when I bought a TV and brought it to home by myself.
When the elevator’s door opened and the woman came out from it, then she said “Oh boy!”.

I didn’t understand what that means.
Boy? Do I look so young? But I’m over 30 years old. Not Boy.

Finally, I found that phrase when I studied English at online course.
I have been studying English over 15 years, but anyone didn’t tell that phrase.

I think that to study the phrases to use “real” conversation is important in Japan.
When Japanese begin to study English in junior high school, they learned a strange sentence. Do you know it? That is,

"Is this a pen?" - "No, it is a desk."


Today, I’ll introduce myself.

I’m Neo. But this is NOT a my real name.
My name is Naoya.

Someone who can speak English cannot use a correct pronunciation about my name.
They always say “nya” or “nyo” like “jalapeno”.
For English speaker, some Japanese names are very difficult to say, I think.
So, sometimes I use “Neo” to my name.

And I also hard to pronounce the English name, especially Indian name and Mexican name.

I think that is the same reason because we feel the difficulty to say someone’s name.


It was in my kindergarten. I was crying, crying and crying. But I don’t remember why I was crying.

Today is the first post.

Hi. I’m Neo.

Create my account in a few minutes ago.

I’ll show you something differ between U.S and Japan.
But, sometimes I cannot use proper English.
I appreciate if you let me know the English phrase.